Welcome to the page I have dedicated to all of you trail riding fanatics!  I love the trails, and I figured it would be nice to share  some of the many  spectacular  Southern California riding trails offered to all of us! 

Please feel free to leave a comment, or email me to find out more about trails posted .. OR… trails you’d like to see posted!  I can’t get everywhere, so your input is always welcome.


Santa Ysabel East Open Space Preserve

Julian, CA 

IMG_8003 2015:  We actually started using this trail a few years back, but really got to know it this last year.  “They” say there aren’t supposed to be roaming cattle,    but  that’s never been the case since I’ve started using it.  The staging area isn’t very big, so park your rigs as if you were ready to head out or you might get  boxed in with other vehicles.  It has a small, shaded picnic area and portable restrooms as well.  Horses must cross a small wood rail as you enter the trail.  The first portion is a wide trail with a gradual incline (small water crossing) as you head up into the trees (then a second, larger water crossing).  After that, the incline grows as you head over the hill, up into a beautiful open, hilly meadow with several loops which circle around the cattle watering area.  The trail is on the “rocky” side…. a bit much in areas for my barefoot horses, but manageable.  We have done the loops several times and even headed further west, but that is much rockier.  Portions are still closed off, but I hear that work is being done to open up more trails…. and even connect to the Santa Ysabel West Preserve.  I’m not holding my breath.  Nonetheless, the trails currently work just fine for my friends and I during the spring and EARLY summer, because once you are up in the meadow area, there are no shady trees. You do have to follow the same trail back in order to get to the staging area.  Wondering how to get there?  It’s actually rather easy.  You can take the Hwy 78 up to the town of Julian, and turn left at the stop sign. It’s the main street through Julian.  This becomes Farmers Road, and you follow it down about 2 miles, until you come to Wynola Road.  You will take a right, and then another quick left back onto Farmers Road.  You will pass the Volcan Mt. Preserve and head down about 1 mile.  You will cross 2 cattle guards in all, and JUST after the second cattle guard, you will see the staging entrance on the left.  For those of you that are familiar with the area, you can catch Wynola Road in the town of Wynola (the turn is right next to Jeremy’s On The Hill Restaurant.  You can follow that windy road up to the SECOND Farmers Road and make your left. I don’t recommend this route for large rigs.  Happy Trails.

Fish Creek, Ocotillo Wells

Borrego Springs, CA

 2013-2014:  Yes, one of San Diego’s best kept secrets in my opinion. Fall and winter bring unbeatable desert weather.  The weather during this trip was between 80 and 86 degrees… and no wind.  The Fish Creek IMG_6282-01entrance is off Split Mountain Rd., which is just off the Hwy 78 in Ocotillo Wells.  If you aren’t familiar with the area, it’s fairly close to Borrego Springs and has a similar climate.  This time, the entrance marquee was completely gone.  It had been washed away during the recent flash floods.  This is a perfect place to ride because all vehicles entering the area must be street legal, and slow travel is a must.  These trails go on forever.  There are magnificent wind caves, sand dunes, and spectacular rock formations to see.  I plan to make it out again, during the spring, to see the winter “in bloom”.

Lake Cuyamaca

Cuyamaca Rancho State Park

IMG_4538-01June 2013:  I’ve had several requests for information on Lake Cuyamaca and the surrounding trails… so here it is.    The weather was fabulous!  I had a riding buddy take this picture of the lake in the background.  For those of you new to these trails, this is about as close as you get to the actual water… but oh what a beautiful sight.  The group horse camp, Los Vaqueros, is in the same area.  And although the Los Caballos staging area no longer exists (due to fires, etc.), there is now an equestrian staging area somewhat parallel to Milk Ranch Rd.   It is marked and rather easy to navigate. For those of you who need more clarity, the staging area entrance is directly across from the “Trout Pond” sign and visitor parking pull-out.  It does get rather full by noon,  so plan an early ride and take in the beautiful views, wild turkey, deer, blue jays, and occasional TRUE tree squirrel.

Rancho Penasquitos Preserve

San Diego, California 

IMG_4118-01Spring, 2013:    I have another fabulous trail to share with my equestrian friends in the San Diego area!  It’s perfect for those hot summer rides because of the year-round stream and abundance of trees.  The preserve is  about 4,000 acres and stretches about 7 miles, so I’m told.  I hear there are several entrances, but we come down from Ramona, so the entrance at 12115 Black Mountain Road (at Mercy Rd.) is the closest.  It’s just a few minutes off the 15 Freeway and very easy to find.  Parking is $3.00, so bring the exact change.  Equestrian parking is plentiful and there are hoses for rinsing or watering horses, corrals, and a portable bathroom for riders.  And although the park is open to bikes and hikers, there are trails that meander along the main trail which do not allow bikes.  Best of all, you can choose whether or not to take the trails with water crossings.  We’re not talking  2 or 3 feet wide and 6inches deep.  I simply appreciate the option when I’m taking out my inexperienced trail horses.  Enjoy!

Mt. Gower Open Space Preserve

San Diego Country Estates, Ramona, California

November 26, 2011:  We had a wonderful “after Thanksgiving” ride up Mt. Gower this morning.  We parked at the staging area at the end of Gunn Stage Rd. in San Diego Country Estates, Ramona.  It’s very easy to get to once you get to Main St., Ramona.  There are signs to direct you out to Country Estates, and Gunn Stage is just off San Vicente Rd., which is the main road into the “Estates”.  However, coming up Wild Cat Canyon Rd. from Lakeside will also bring you to San Vicente Rd.  Anyway, Gunn Stage Rd. is the one stoplight in Country Estates (Country Store intersection), and it only goes one way.  Follow it to the end and you enter the preserve.  Although there are many loops to take from the staging area, we chose to go up and over Mt. Gower today.  We then followed the trail across Watt Rd., and winded back and around the side of what I refer to as “Watt Mountain”.  From the backside, you get a beautiful view of the San Diego Country Estates Golf Course.    The horses aren’t getting their regular 3 rides and 2 arena workouts weekly (due to weather), so it was a nice way to get them back on the trails without injuries or sore muscles.  The loop is a little over 2.5 hours.  I love the staging area.  It’s very spacious and easily holds many horse trailers.  It also has a very clean restroom and water for both people and horses.  This trail system becomes part of the annual “Poker Ride” held by the San Vicente Saddle Club… maybe others, each year in late spring/early summer. For this reason, the trails are maintained fairly regularly which is nice.  For those of you in need of a REAL WORKOUT… take your horses up to the water tower and back as part of your loop.  Don’t say I didn’t prepare you:)

Ramona Grasslands Preserve

Ramona,   California

July, 2011:  Oh how I love living in Ramona with my horses!  As I rode this newly opened preserve this afternoon, I found myself commenting on how lucky we are to live in a community that truly caters to outdoor enthusiasts…. and yes… the equestrian enthusiasts!  Those of us who trail ride five times a week need lots of trails.  Anyway, here are the facts:  The trails that have been made thus far are absolutely fabulous.  They are wider than a path, yet narrower than a rode in many parts.  The footing is good, soft dirt, no rock.., and although the trails wind around the trees and up into the brush, the inclines are very gradual.  It is the  grasslands, so there are ponds and obvious marshes, but none of the trails required horses to cross water.  Even on a hot summer day in the early afternoon, the breeze made it a pleasureable ride.  This is the place to come if you just want to get out for an hour and a half with your equestrian companion or to do trail training with a young or inexperienced horse.  There are cattle roaming the preserve, but they seem to mind their own business.  The directions are quite simple.   The preserve is located on Highland Valley Road in Ramona.    The entrance is clearly marked and the staging area is a good size.  As I headed out of Ramona (on Main St./Hwy 67), I simply turned onto Highland Valley Road and followed it for about 2.5 miles.  If you were coming up the 67 towards Ramona, you could take  Archie Moore to Highland Valley Road.   As I left the preserve, relaxed and ready to head home, I noticed that the closest marked street was Highlander.  That might help for those of you needing a more specific entrance point.  Highlander is almost directly across from the preserve entrance.  Check it out and enjoy the trails and scenery.  I truly look forward to the further trail development that is bound to take place at this wonderful secret in Ramona.

Green Valley Horse Camp

Descanso,   California

June, 2011, 2012, and 2013:  The cat’s out of the bag!!!!  Yes, Rancho Cuyamaca State Park once again has a HORSE CAMP!!  It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to camp in Cuyamaca without using the Los Vaqueros Group Camp.   It is much further down from the lake… even beyond the Sweetwater Bridge staging area. I could have gone through Julian, but I found it easier to take the 8 frwy. east to the 79.  The actual address is 11842 Highway 79, Descanso, CA.  That’s according to the brochure. It is not only a horse camp, but also a rather large campground for people.  Fortunately, the areas are somewhat separate.  The horse camp has 15 sites, some of which are closer to the highway than I’d prefer for peace and quiet.  The corrals are the standard park corrals with chains for gates.  There are restrooms and showers, and it’s just a 20 minute walk to the Green Valley Falls.  After many long rides, it was nice to walk down to the falls to cool off. I prefer “roughing it” with few accomodations and a tent, but most of my friends have campers, etc.  There are no hook-ups.   The trails are fabulous, and many improvements have been made since my 2011 visit.  Arroyo Seco is  one main trail out, and it offers a few options:  if you take the Westside Trial towards Sweetwater Bridge, there are miles and miles of trails to cover.  This is by far my favorite!  My friends and I rode over to the lake and back which is about 5 hours on a gaited horse with a short lunch break.  To wrap it up, I’m going back, and I’m very excited about exposing some of my younger horses to camping.

Barona Mesa

Ramona, California

I started out 2011, searching for trails that stood up to the abundant downpours we’ve had in San Diego.  Here we are on a trail that winds through what is referred to as Barona Mesa Estates.  The trail can be accessed from many locations in San Diego Country Estates (Ramona), but the most recognized  is referred to  as the “Water Tower” entrance which immediately directs hikers to the well kept secret known to  locals as “Devil’s Punch Bowl”.  It is the highly sought after trail that takes hikers to Cedar Creek Falls.  My sisters and I would ride the trecherous trail in our teens, but it’s no longer horse friendly.  Good news is…. they are building a big parking/staging area, with restrooms next to the water tower.  Lots of construction is also taking place on the trail.  I’ll keep  you posted on when it becomes horse friendly again.  For now, let’s talk about the 2 hour loop that goes up into Barona Mesa Estates and winds back down to the horse trails of San Diego Country Estates.  My riding buddies and I always stage at the end of Ramona Oaks Rd.  We then either walk our horses up Thornbush Rd., or go a bit further and catch the designated horse trail that winds up to Thornbush Rd. in a different location.  Either way, you just head towards the huge water tower (can’t miss it).  This is where the new parking area is being developed with restrooms.  From there, simply take your equestrian pal through the gated entrance (must be able to step over the raised bar in two locations on the trail) and head up the paved fire road.  It quickly turns to dirt and offers a vehicle width trail with minimal ruts and plenty of decomposed granite for firm footing.  At the end of the dirt trail, you must exit through another gate with the raised bar, but then you simply wind around Barona Mesa Estates as you head down  to Barona Mesa Rd.  The trail brings you back to San Diego Country Estates and the many interconnected equestrian trails.  This ride can be 2 hours… or 6 hours.  I’d be happy to help you find staging areas… or even join you for a trail ride.  Again, I’m just looking to locate and share as many equestrian trails as I can with those of you out there looking for something new and/or different.  Happy Trails.


KQ Ranch

Julian, California

This would end up being our last horse camping trip for 2010.  KQ Ranch, I believe, is part of  Southwest RV Resorts which are spread out all over the US.  This one happens to be nestled in the high mountains of Julian, California.  The entrance is right off  Hwy 79.  It’s truly a resort for RV’s, but the sales department went on and on about the horse camping sites and the abundant trails.  My riding buddy does a lot of camping with her family, so she was the one that attended their presentation for membership which resulted in a free visit.  Our first attempt to camp at KQ Ranch with our horses was “shot down” the day before arrival (due to their poor record keeping and lack of communication).  We gave them one more chance and ended up staying  just one night.  The horse sites are at the VERY TOP of the mountain which has a spectacular view …. all the way to the Salton Sea!  However, it can be EXTREMELY windy and cool.  I slept in my horse trailer without luxuries, so it was very inconvenient to hike the restrooms or sleep with the horse trailer rocking all night.  Our biggest disappointment was the trails.  We tried every path we came across, but all seemed like driveways up to secluded houses.  On our last trail attempt, we turned around because of the abundant loose rocks, the steepness, and the never-ending 2-3 foot deep crevices that were impossible and/or dangerous to cross (due to fires and erosion).  At best, one can manage a 1 hour loop in and around the campground.  To end on a positive note…. it is close to the beautiful trails of Mt. Laguna and Cuyumaca Rancho State Park.  Being just 10-15 minutes away, we were able to take in some beautiful rides around Cuyumaca Lake, etc.  If you happen to have a membership through Southwest RV Resorts and have self sufficient camping ammenities (and want horse accomodations), you might want to give it a try.  Remember, get everything in WRITING before arriving and plan on trailering out for a true trail experience.


Sweetwater Regional Park and Trails

Bonita, CA

August, 2010:   Another spectacular weekend of horses and trails, only this time I would refer to it as “industrial trail riding.”  Yes, we rode through the beautiful Sweetwater River Bottom trail system and wound around the beautiful Bonita Golf Course, but it did have some obstacles we had to overcome.  We were in a camping site that was designated for horses, but I don’t feel comfortable recommending it to horse camping enthusiasts at this time; therefore, my comments will  focus specifically on the equestrian trail system.  We found a day use area along Bonita Road, not more than a couple stoplights off the 805 frwy. It’s part of the Sweetwater Regional Park in Bonita, CA 91902.  Another way to connect to this trail system is by staging at the Sweetwater Regional Park camping site off Summit Meadow Road.  That entrance too can be easily located by taking the Bonita Road exit off the 805 frwy.  This location has a $5.00 fee for day use.  We enjoyed several beautiful 2-4 hour rides that meander through the river bottom and along Bonita and Sweetwater Rd.  Fortunately, these trail systems are considerate of horses, and we were not expected to ride dangerously close to traffic!  We encountered plenty of shade, but also several horse bridges…. and one that actually crossed the 125 frwy!   I took two of my Peruvian Paso mares (one age 11/one age 3).  I can happily say that my young mare was able to deal with golf carts, flying golf balls, and bridges!  Nonetheless, I would only feel comfortable recommending this “industrial trail” experience to those with “seasoned” trail horses.  It is very beautiful, but it’s not the country nor the mountains.


 Daley Ranch

Escondido, CA

 Summer, 2010:   This was my first new trail adventure for the summer, and oh what a treat.  It is a 3,000 plus acre preserve located in the northeast corner of Escondido, near Dixon Lake.  We staged at the La Honda Drive entrance, but I’ve noticed on the map that there are two other entrances: Valley Center Road and Cougar Pass Road.  The main trails are wide enough to accommodate the hikers, mountain bikes, and horseback riders, and there are several single track connectors as well.  There are several small ponds and plenty of wildlife to view.  With over 25 miles of trails, my friends and I have plenty of new scenery to take in as we come back again and again to explore!


 Sycamore Canyon

Open Space Preserve

Poway or Lakeside, CA 

Yes, I’ve got another one for you trail riding enthusiasts!  The preserve is 2,272 acres, and has more than 10 miles of riding trails. I started at the staging area at 16281 Sycamore Canyon Rd. in Poway.  It was easy to find.  From Poway Rd., take Garden Rd. (if coming from interstate 15 it’s a right… from hwy 67 down, it’s a left).  Follow Garden Rd. down to Sycamore Canyon Rd. and turn right.  Follow that down past several stables and it ends at the staging area.  The only disappointment was the size of the staging area.  Situate your trailer so that your escape route is painless.  I know you can also get into the preserve at 13920 Hwy. 67 in Lakeside.  I can’t provide input as to what that staging area looks like because I haven’t tried it… hear it’s under repair for ruts?  Many of  the trails are the width of a road. Keep in mind that there are many hikers and bicyclists, but I have only found them to be overly courteous and considerate of the horses.  I’ve only done a few of the many trails so far, but they are not overly rocky or  steep; however, I would suggest skipping the “one way” loop that goes directly back to the Poway staging area.  It’s very rocky, and slippery steep in some areas.   Because of the width and terrain of most of the other trails I saw and rode, I will probably take my newly trained filly out for a couple 2 hr. loops to test her out. There is gravel that has been put down on several of the vehicle width trails… so horses with sensitive hooves may not do well.

 Barnett Ranch

Open Space Preserve

Ramona, CA

Looking for a nice, short riding loop?  The Barnett Open Space Preserve is one to consider.  It’s just off San Vicente Road, heading towards Ramona Country Estates from the town of Ramona.  I use it often for training purposes.  The main trail is wide and mostly flat, and takes off in two directions.  Just recently, a narrow trail has been added that connects the two directions…making for a nice loop.  During the rainy season, crossing a large water hole is required on one portion of the main trail.  Trying to go around it only lands you and your horse in a riskly situation of possibly sinking into the mud.  I use it for water training purposes with the young horses.  We look forward to the Rattle Snake Trail reopening for a much more challenging and lengthy ride.  I’ve been told a property dispute has forced the closure. For now, Barnett Open Space Preserve makes for a nice, short morning or afternoon ride (1.5-2hrs) with the young horses.


  Santa Ysabel West

Open Space Preserve,  Santa Ysabel, CA

As I mentioned in late January, my next trail destination was the newly opened Santa Ysabel (west) Preserve.  What a treat!  It’s not a long ride at this time… about 2.5 hours if you take the entire route; however, that won’t be the case in the near future.  The preserve has plenty of land, but the trail system is still in the “beginning stage”.  We enjoyed our ride and all the elevated terrain that came with it.  I wouldn’t take a young inexperienced horse, or a horse out of shape on this trail without frequent stops; however, for those used to the trails, it’s no big deal.  I did love how quiet is was and the two lakes we had for viewing!  The one further back is like a bird sanctuary! You do encounter free range cattle as well, but they really did keep their distance.  They are close enough to see and hear (maybe 100 feet off the main trail), but they really want nothing to do with the hikers and horseback riders.  It’s a beautiful  ride off the 78 from Ramona (on the left)… towards Santa Ysabel. If coming from Julian or the 79… just head towards Ramona on the 78 and be quickly prepared for the right hand turn into the staging area.




International Equestrian Center

 Ramona, California

Riding the wilderness trails is my true passion, but I’ll take the neighborhood routes with barking dogs and cars if need be!  This picture was taken at the International Equestrian Center in Ramona Country Estates. It is just 5 minutes away from the Mt. Gower Preserve. We have a pretty extensive trail system that winds through the community, and several open space preserves that can be accessed as well.  I would recommend trying the Mt. Gower Open Space Preserve.  The staging area is located at the end of Gunn Stage Road in San Diego Country Estates. It has plenty of parking, restrooms, and water.  From this point, there are several trails for you to enjoy that wind through and around the community. You can choose to stay on the mountain or test out the designated trails that wind through the community’s nature trails.  My rides range in time from 2 to 4.5 hours, depending on the horse I’m riding.


  Borrego Springs, California

Copy of AnzaRideIf you are looking for a great ride during the cooler months, a trip to Borrego Springs during the flower season is a must!  The Anza Borrego State Park covers a lot of territory, and there are horse trails everywhere.  You can camp with your horses or simply ride for the day from the Vern Whitaker Horse Camp.  I just followed Borrego Springs Road into the center of the town (the circle), and followed it out until it turned into Hendersen Canyon Rd.  Once you make the mandatory bend in the road which becomes Henderson Canyon Rd., start looking for the horse camp sign because it is difficult to see if you aren’t paying attention.  Just remember, it’s past Indean Head Ranch Road and you’ll be making a left onto Horse Camp Rd., right through the citrus groves (sign is on the right side of the road but small).  Follow the dirt road through the groves for quite a ways.




   Cuyamaca Rancho State Park

Copy of horses 360From Ramona, California, riding in the desert, on the beach, or in the beautiful mountains is just an hour or so away!  This is a picture from Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, near the quaint little town of Julian. Nothing beats a moonlight ride around Lake Cuyamaca!  You can stage near the Boy Scout Camp off Milk Ranch Road, or even ride down from one of the staging areas in Mt. Laguna.  There is also a Group Horse Camp, Los Vaqueros.




 Mount Laguna

Copy of horses 017Another great trail is in Mount Laguna.  Instead of going all the way out to Cuyamaca, you just take the Sunrise Hwy off the 79 coming from Julian;  otherwise, you can come up the 79 from Pine Valley and take the Sunrise Hwy. What’s nice is that the first staging area (just off the hwy. on the right) has a huge parking area, restrooms, and day corrals.  From there, you can ride down to Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.  I haven’t taken the trail all the way down, but I managed to get in 4 1/2 hours of riding, round trip.  I only know the trail down is the trail I came back… But I have many friends that have had trailers waiting on the other side for a long, one-way trail ride. If you need more information,  drop me a line.

  “Eagle Rock”

Warner Springs/Ranchita, California

IMG_6821-012009-2014:  Another great riding trail can be found between Warner Springs and Ranchita, CA.  I promised Cher, a website visitor, that I would update her on the weather, etc.  To get to this trail, I take the 79 to the S-2, and then take the Montazuma Valley Road turn off.  The staging area is just a little over a mile down the road (you will see the Pacific Crest trail marker).  From this point, the ride to Eagle Rock and back is 3 hours. For those who desire a shorter ride, continue straight towards Warning Springs instead of turning onto the S-2.  I rode the trail from this end for the first time on New Year’s Day, 2014.  We staged at what I believe is a visitor’s center and community park, which is just across the street from the fire station.  We simply crossed the 79 and took the trail east.  It was a fabulous ride… but do keep in mind that there are free ranging cattle.  From this direction, the ride is closer to 2 hours.  It can be VERY cold in the cooler months because of the windy location, so pack appropriate attire.  I’ve been there during cold, cloudy, windy weather… and very warm, beautiful weather.. even in the same month! Let’s face it… only nature could create an eagle rock formation like this… so bring that camera and possibly a lunch because, because  this is a “photo op” ride with spectacular scenery  and peace and quiet. 




 Ocotillo Wells

Borrego Springs, California

Copy of Ocotillo Wells 08 010My trail destination this fall is Fish Creek.  It is in Ocotillo Wells, off the hwy. 78…on  Split Mountain Rd.  I’m used to the desert dwellers, simply because I go out there several times every year… and ride along side HUNDREDS of off road vehicles.  I just recently ran across this new “Fish Creek” trail.  Good news is, only street legal vehicles are allowed.  I’ll post a picture once the ride is finished.  For now… here is a picture from our Ocotillo Wells campsite. This was a picture from last fall.




10 Responses to “Trail Fun!”

  1. Cher Says:

    Gotta learn more about Eagle Rock. Looks like a great place to ride. Whats the weather like right now?

  2. valledelsolperuvians Says:

    Hello Cher,

    The weather should be perfect right now. We had a ride planned today, 10-18-09, but we ended up in Cuyamaca. My friends and I are planning a ride for the end of the month to Eagle Rock. I’ll update the page with a new picture. You can see from the current photo… and my duster, and the sky, that it was a COLD ride that day.

  3. Mary Says:

    What a great idea! I love your trail information. I too live in San Diego County, but I didn’t know about several of these riding places. I didn’t know the Santa Ysabel trail had opened. Maybe I’ll see you on the trail! I will check in for other riding spots. Again, I love your site.


    1. valledelsolperuvians Says:

      It makes me happy to know that my “Trail Fun” page is beneficial to the trail enthusiasts. I’m always on the hunt for a new experience.

  4. Laura Hinson Says:

    Great photos! I love wilderness riding too. Looks like you have been to some beautiful places! Come on up to Carmel Valley and ride here! Would love to have you!

    1. valledelsolperuvians Says:

      Thanks Laura! We’re off for a new camping experience tomorrow (Cuyamaca Mountains). I’ll be posting the location and pictures when I return.

  5. mary harding Says:

    I am so happy I found your site! I moved to south Orange County from Northern California (Between Tahoe and Sacramento ) and have been pleasantly surprised how much trail riding there is!! It is my passion. But I wanted to take a day and haul down to Cuyameca for a nice ride. What would you suggest for a first time ride of 2-3 hours ?? Maybe I can drive down and meet you one day and ride! Thanks, Mary

    1. valledelsolperuvians Says:

      Hello Mary-
      Although there are many fabulous trails in Cuyamaca State Park, the most memorable is always the lake. I will email you with the “specifics”. I’m so glad to hear that you are pleasantly surprised with all the trails we have to offer down here! We love our trails:)

  6. Jean Says:

    This is the first time I have looked at your site and will say it is truly good to see that your peruvians are so enjoyed.My friend and I also do a lot of trail and hill riding
    A wonderful nice refreshing site
    Take care and “Happy Trails”
    Jean from B.C. Canada

    1. valledelsolperuvians Says:

      Hello Jean!
      It sounds like you are a trail riding enthusiast as well. “Happy Trails” to you…. and thanks for leaving a comment. It’s always great to hear for other people enjoying their horses:)

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