Callie#9The Peruvian Paso horse’s appearance is one of energy, grace, and refinement. The musculature is well developed but without exaggerations. A size range generally from 14.1 to 15.2 hands. Occasionally individuals may be under or over that range. Colors of bay, black, brown, buckskin, chestnut, dun, gray, grulla, palomino, and roan with solid colors, greys, and dark skin preferred.



The head is medium sized with a straight or slightly concave profile and dark skin.. The muzzle is small. The nostrils are oblong and extend easily. The eyes are dark, expressive, and well set apart. In breeding classes, glass and/or blue eyes shall be penalized. The jowls are moderately marked. The ears are medium length with fine slightly inwardly curved tips.







The neck is gracefully arched at the crest and medium in length.Compared with most light breeds, the neck is slightly heavier in proportion to the body.










Copy of Arizona3The back is strong, rounded, and short to medium in length. The loins are broad and well muscled over the kidney area. A fairly muscular croup is long, wide, moderately sloped, and nicely rounded. The tail is set low and carried straight, quiet, and close to the buttocks. The chest is wide with moderate muscling. The girth, well sprung rib cage, and barrel are deep. The length of leg and depth of body is approximately equal. The underline is nearly level from the brisket to the last rib. The moderately short flanks are full and deep. The quarters should be strong and of medium roundness and width. The long, very well inclined shoulders are well muscled especially at the withers.



Copy of horses 002The bones of the legs should be well articulated and well aligned so the long bones above and below the joints correctly line up. The tendons are strong and prominent. The skin of the legs is tight against the bone. The pasterns should be medium in length and springy but not show weakness. The cannon bones are short. The hocks are slightly more angled than other light saddle breeds.


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Pictures added by Valle del Sol Peruvians

5 Responses to “Breed Standard”

  1. Mary Says:

    Beautiful horses! I can see that you love what you do!


  2. kathi Says:

    I was lucky enough to own FFPerucho, don’t remember the rest of his name.He was the love of my life, but hard times hit us, and I had to sell. He has wonderful home in Nevada City now. I have beautiful heavily treed forest land with creek and shelters perfect for horses, but no horse. My heart breaks, so I always go online and at least look at the beautiful peruvians. I am soon to be 62yrs old, but never too old for the smooth peruvian. My horse Perucho would have slept with me, had I let him. He was sooo personable and gentle, and drop dead gorgeous. If your horses are like this Fandango Farm horse, you are a very lucky woman. Kathi

    1. valledelsolperuvians Says:

      Hello Kathi,
      Yes, many of my horses are exactly like your Perucho, and that’s what I strive to produce in temperament as a Peruvian Paso breeder. Many breeders truly do have beautiful, well-bred horses out there to choose from, but what’s missing is the fabulous disposition that truly makes the animal irreplaceable. My friends outside of the horse circle often ask me what I do with all these horses. I try to explain that I go out and play with them… just like they do with their dogs, etc. I try to explain that sometimes it means arena work and simply attention and grooming.. and other times it’s training foals or basic ground work and manners. I leave out the trail riding because that’s a given on a weekly basis:) Bottom line is…. horses can be special, loving pets.. just like dogs and cats. A horse with a loving disposition is worth its weight in gold! Yes, I am a lucky woman.

  3. I have read so many articles or reviews concerning the blogger lovers except this post is truly a pleasant piece of writing, keep it up.

    1. valledelsolperuvians Says:

      Thank you very much… I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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