Valle del Sol Peruvians is a small ranch located in the “Valley of the Sun,” which is what Ramona, California has come to be known as…

Valle del Sol Peruvians

Deborah Brisendine


Valle del Sol Peruvians is located in Ramona, California.  We are a small ranch that focuses on raising high quality Peruvian Paso foals with great dispositions and regular handling.  We want our clients to enjoy our horses as much as we do!



Day 1: I bonded with baby today… after a long time of imprinting. This is VdS Alorah. I’ve had 4 years to play around with filly names 🙂


My love for horses began before the age of five.  At four years old, my mom bought me a plastic riding horse called “Marvel the Mustang,” hoping that it would satisfy my love for horses.  It didn’t.  I moved up to a POA pony by age of five and then on to a gaited Arabian cross.  I was one of those kids who spent all of my free time riding horses or playing with horse statues.  I can still remember that Christmas when I opened up my Paso horse statue.  That long, luxurious mane … I was hooked!

My entire family ended up getting into horses, and we were breeding, raising, training, and showing Arabians by the time I was ten years old.  I spent many years raising and training Arabian foals, and later married and had my own small ranch of Straight Egyptian Arabian horses.  But I always hoped that some day I would own a Peruvian Paso.

FF Pasado and I in the Cuyamaca Mountains of Julian. He was an orphaned Peruvian Paso foal I purchased to raise and train… YEARS AGO!

After a major life change in my late-twenties, I moved, sold off most of my breeding horses, and made the decision to buy a gaited horse for riding.  I found an ad for a young, untrained Peruvian Paso mare.  I hooked up the trailer and off I went.  She was a little thin, but very sweet.  I decided to go ahead and buy her.  My only request was that the ranch helpers get her into the trailer.  I quickly realized that this was a special breed of horse.  Here was an unhandled, 5 year-old mare allowing several people to scoop her up by the back end and set her in a stock trailer.  She never fussed, kicked, reared, or acted out in any manner.  Wow!  I got her home and gave her less than a week before starting her training.  Yes, she ended up being a fabulous and trusting riding horse…. even for my seven-year-old daughter.  She was worth her weight in gold!

A few years later, I met Debbie Dutton of Fandango Farms and ended up buying an orphaned Peruvian Paso colt.  Needless to say, I made several more trips up to her ranch and have purchased several more horses from her over the years.  I have bred many of my mares to her stallions as well.  I’ve been involved with raising and training Peruvian Paso horses for over 25 years now, and I am passionate about the breed.  And although I spent much of my childhood years showing horses, my passion is training the foals and trail riding.

Ramona, California is known as “the valley of the sun” which is where I came up with the ranch name “Valle del Sol”. As you can see by the welcome sign, we are an equestrian community with a focus on open space … Oh yes, and boutique vineyards.


I am now in my early fifties, and I feel I have a breeding program that truly promotes the Peruvian Paso as the special breed it is…. one of beauty, brio, kind disposition, and fabulous gait.  I have a passion for the breed, and  I enjoy raising and training quality foals with fabulous conformation, gait, and disposition. 

I insist on keeping my operation small, simply because I enjoy doing the work myself and personally handling and training each and every foal I raise.  It’s important to me to be involved in the grooming, exercising, breeding, training, and riding of all my horses.  This allows me to comfortably match each of my Peruvian Pasos with its special human partner.  I have several well-bred mares and a beautiful stallion that make up my carefully selected herd.  I am blessed to have all the unique colors to offer my clients as well.

In my opinion, the Peruvian Paso is one of the easiest breeds to handle and train because of his willingness to please…. and certainly the smoothest ride out there!  I will continue to breed, raise, train, and ride these fabulous horses as long as I am able.  I’m a woman with a passion for horses, and my preference is the Peruvian Paso.

10 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Greg Says:

    I look forward to visiting.

    1. valledelsolperuvians Says:

      We look forward to meeting you!

      1. Lesa O'Hair Says:

        Hi Debbie,

        I just got off the phone with my daughter, Velvet. She is so excited about talking with you! She called me a few minutes ago to tell me that you could be our Paso Soul Mate as you think just like us! It sounds like we have much in common as we too are trail riding enthusiast. We camp and trail ride with our Pasos and our dogs. Velvet also showed POA’s along with her sister, Autumn, as they were growing up. Before this I showed both English and Western in the Appaloosa circles and in Open Breed Shows in both Texas and New Mexico. We loved showing, but for the last many years we have been dedicated to what brings us the most fun and relaxation which is trail riding. We have 4 Paso Finos and 1 Peruvian Paso. It is nice to meet another Paso gal who loves trail riding as much as we do. Both Velvet and myself really enjoyed looking at your web site. Your Pasos are awesome! Thanks, Lesa

      2. valledelsolperuvians Says:

        Hello Lesa,

        Thank you so much for your comment. I am with you… trail riding and enjoying the horses. I’ve been there and done that in the show circuit in other breeds, and I quickly learned that it was not what I was looking for in my relationship with my horses. I love to ride the trails and enjoy my horses and that’s all I wish to do:)

        I too enjoyed talking with your daughter, and I will make sure she gets her “dream palomino”. I try to provide insight into this wonderful breed of horse, so please do send people to my website to learn more about the Peruvian Paso. Most of all, I love to hear from the people that visit. I’m sure you and I will be in touch again, and I am looking forward to helping your daughter find her Peruvian Paso Soul Mate!


  2. Jessica Says:

    Azulina has made it to her new. I am so excited to have her! Everyone thinks she is so beautiful and hope to do more business with you in the future. Thank you1

    1. valledelsolperuvians Says:


      So glad to hear that! Azulina is a wonderful little filly… and she’ll be an outstanding broodmare as well. Keep in touch and send updated photos of her from time to time so that I can update her picture on the website.


  3. Rod/Cindy Oestreich Says:

    Greetings from Texas-

    I just visited your website for the first time. It is one of the Best in our Breed and your love of the Peruvian Paso really literally pours from it. Your Peruvains are truly well bred and represent the Breed well.

    I will continue to visit your site and enjoy.

    1. valledelsolperuvians Says:

      Rod and Cindy-
      Thank you for the kind words. I do love my Peruvians… They make my life complete.

  4. Linda West Says:

    Debby: I came out today with Jody and another Debbie to view your horses. I want to thank you for showing us your horses and telling us about them. I was very impressed with the little buckskin boy and you mentioned he was going to be tested to see if he is a buckskin. Would appreciate your letting me know how the test turns out. I really liked his dad and he is a very impressive stallion. Linda

  5. nazkat Says:

    Hi Debby. Would love to meet you and ride the trails with you! We live in Norco and have 2 FF horses – Bailador and Tesoro de Oro – both seasoned trail horses who have also been in the Rose Parade. I loved looking at all your trail pix and great reviews of trails! Maybe meet at Santa Margarita River sometime? Kat

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