I thought it might be fun to offer clients an opportunity to view the sires/dams of upcoming foals.  



No Planned Breedings at this Time



8 Responses to “What’s Coming?”

  1. candy Says:

    That Simba is one beautiful boy!

    1. valledelsolperuvians Says:

      Hello Candy-

      Yes, he is one beautiful boy! I’m so blessed to have so much of his breeding in my “breeding program.” That mane is just to die for, yes??? It’s no wonder his daughter Divina is blessed with beautiful mane. That dark golden color is quite flashy too!

      1. Down here in NZ we refer to Simba as the ‘calender boy’, lol. He’s almost too beautiful to be true.
        I wish i was in a position like you to be able to keep using Debbies other stallions like that. We’re so limited for choice down here.

  2. sarah Says:

    I can’t wait to see your new foals. You have some really beautiful mares and stallions!

    1. valledelsolperuvians Says:

      Thank you Sarah! The stallions belong to Debbie Dutton of Fandango Farm, but I do use all of them for breeding each year. I can’t wait to see what I get in 2011 as well. I plan on breeding Cefira and Divina in early spring, and then taking Calabasita up in early summer (if she hasn’t sold). Check back from time to time to see what’s new at Valle del Sol.

  3. Terri Brady Says:


    I have a friend in New Zealand with a black pearl mare and cremello stud. They are from Fandango Farms. Heather Batkin is breeding lots of color. Check her out at http://www.smoothrunning.co.nz/. I have a perlino stud and testing for pearl in 2 mares. Do you breed to outside mares?


    Terri Brady

  4. You have another one to add to this page hopefully 🙂

    1. valledelsolperuvians Says:

      Keep your fingers crossed.

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